February 14, 2016

DIY for Kids

Simple DIY for home decoration but made by your kids. 

You will need,
Bag full of cracked coconut sell
Artificial flowers and leafs.
Wood polish
A board 

Clean the coconut sell till they become shiny. Attach the mirror to board. Then mark any shape on mirror. Using glue attach the coconut sell like in picture. Now  polish it by wood polish. Let it dry. Decorate with artificial flowers and leafs as you wish. 

If you attach a wall hanger to board then you can use this as wall hanging. 

January 18, 2016

Dry Skin in Children

Parents get upset when kids got some skin changes as they think it is rash. But not all skin change is a rash. If you suspect it is a rash then get some pediatric advice. In most cases those changes are just a dryness in baby skin. Because babies are more prone to get skin dry. In this condition just needs a extra care of their skin products and hydration.

Some baby products tend to increase skin dryness. Soap also gives some dryness. Baby's skin is very soft and still mutating so it can loose water through skin. When choosing baby skin products consider mildness and pH levels of them. Specially bathing stuff like shampoo and soap. Bubble bath also a key to skin dryness in kids.

Another reason for dry skin is less water intake of babies and toddlers. If they drink enough water skin will well hydrated and will protect becomes dry. Most parents face difficulty in feeding water to kids. Preparing pure natural fruit juices is a good option. 

Soft baby skin can't hold much sun. So avoid sunbathing for babies and toddlers. Excessive exposure to sun will dry up skin and will get sun burning too.If your kid has dry skin apply some baby moisture lotion or cream. It will prevent some dryness. Together in next pediatric visit get an advice regarding babies dry skin.

January 16, 2016

Cold and Flu

Thus the topic commonly parent experience. Stuffed and runny nose and cough something fever means your kid got a cold or little bit harder flu. Normally not serious but cold will really uncomfortable to you and your kid. Kids can not breath well , vomiting, coughing, sneezing and loss of appetite. Sometimes these makes sleep less nights to you and your kids.

January 12, 2016

Do You Want Smarter Kid?

Parents do their best to make children clever and good persons. Fortunately, most get success in our kids' achieving. But few parents won't reach their goal. Misbehavior and inability to learn made their child to never get to the goal. But according to my understanding children can be much more capable to reach their own goal if parent help and guide them. Let see how can we help them to reach the goal. 

Helping starts from before mother get conception. In per-pregnancy parents must maintain good physical and mental  health. Avoiding alcohol, maintaining a normal BMI and taking folic acids are examples. After conception consuming a balanced diet with organic nutrition is a must for healthy development of a baby. In pregnancy a baby's 64% brain gets developed. This can be strong only, we give good nutritional support. Caffeine also harmful to baby's cells. If you keep extra care and active lifestyle in pregnancy your baby will get 64% brain development.

After birth first year of baby's life is more important than any other years. Brain development is much quicker than other parts of the body. Most parents never give attention to this stage development. Nutrition is mainly concerned together with love and  care of mother and father. Reading  books to baby will develop language, affection and hearing skills.

Playing is the work which children do in their childhood. Guiding kids for advanced games is an best method to increase new connections in their developing brain. Playing gives experience to young kids which creates new brain connection. Brain connection mean knowledge. This is what learning kid have lots. Wonderful is paying is kids favorite then anything so better use it to teach them.

Limiting digital media time is needed thing in every family now. This won't let your child to play or study. Do not control or stop completely of time spending with digital media. Just limit! Control and band will increase flavor of doing it more than ever. Also on digital media suggest good and educational programs to your kid.

Last but least increase your kids self-esteem then he can learn then he thinks. This will be the key to success in any kid's progress.

January 9, 2016

Easiest Nutritional Recipe for Toddlers

Capsicum with egg 

Capsicum well known vegetable for its rich nutrition. This is a fruit contain no any hot flavor. More than that it has little sweetness. This fruit can be in green, orange, red, and yellow colors as its mature levels. Also  rich in vitamin  C , A, fiber and minerals makes capsicum as one of best detoxify vegetable. 

I choose egg with this marvelous capsicum because it contains lots of vitpamin C. Egg is iron rich food. Mixing these two will give a high iron supplemented meal for  toddlers. Otherwise egg contains all nutrition it self. Toddlers need lots of nutrients for brain development. My first choose is this recipe as first because it can be used to picky eaters too. Most important! consider allergic before give this to your baby or toddler.

Let's move to recipe.

Things you need,
One medium sized capsicum
One large egg (chicken)
One Small potato

Cut capsicum to rings and remove seeds. Peel potato and cut in to small slices. Boil these two together until fully cooked. After that peel the skin of capsicum and mashed potato and capsicum together. Add a hard boiled and mashed egg to this mix and add salt as you need.
Iron rich meal ready for your kids.

Soupy rice
This is very easy and can prepare maximum value of nutrients. 

You will need
1/4 cup of rice 
One chopped baby carrot 
One Small chopped potato
Three leaves of Curry leaves 
One clove of chopped garlic 
Few fenugreek 
Optionally, if want coconut milk 1/2 cup


Cook rice together with chopped garlic, potato and carrot and salt, fenugreek, little more water than usual. When rice and vegetables are cooked well check out how rice seems. Rice should be easily mashed the it normally does. Mash or blend the mixture and if needed add little extra water or coconut milk to get soupy constancy. If you add coconut milk, cook the mixture 5 minutes again.
Salt as needed. 


Parents experiencing baby's teething around 6 to 9 month of age. 1st tooth is really happiest thing to any parent. But sometimes babies suffer pain, diarrhea and fever. These things makes us to feel worry. If your child suffering from any of these symptoms consultant pediatrician.  

If your child only with fussing or cranky then he or she may feel pain due to teeth cutting. Teeth cutting mostly occur in night. This leads to sleep less nights to child and family. Fortunately we can offer a well recommend pain relief to child. Also there are many remedies also available for pain. Clean cool cloth or teetger to bite is a simple method. 

For my baby i used a Teether and it really help to relieve pain. Also it was a great toy to my child. I recommend teether but consultant your pediatrician before using them.

January 6, 2016

10 Best Food to Prevent Constipation in Toddlers

Parents get upset when their kids strain to pass stool or avoiding toilet. like adults babies too get constipation. When they grow up to toddler age more chances to get constipated. Parents trying various methods to get relief but in some cases pediatric advice needed. Best idea ever preventing constipation.

Here is top ideas to avoid constipation. Also those are cleaning our gut system and high  in natural nutritional. Consider any allergic reactions before give them to your toddler.

#1 Sweet potatoes
Boiled sweet potatoes are very good for constipated kids also avoid constipation. High fiber content will keep stools soft and easy to pass constancy.

#2 Capsicum
With fiber rich capsicum including very easy prepared dishes will keep your kids poo very smooth.

#3 Green beans
Fantastic vegetable for vegetarian proteins. Green beans never let stool to be hard. Add this valuable vegetable to your kids meal so he never get constipated.

#4 Banana
Ripened banana is very famous for relief to constipation. Consuming bananas regular will protect your kids from constipation. But remember some babies get constipated from banana as well.

#5 Papaya
Iron rich fruit from tropical gardens. Eating regular basis a good way to keep away Constipation.

#6 Dates
Dessert fruit which contains all nutrition itself and gives relief from constipation and help to avoid Constipation.

#7 Avocado
It's paste like constancy help to pass stool very soft. Together good source of vitamin E.

#8 Leafy vegetables
All kinds of leafy vegetables protect our kids from constipation.

#9 Avoid junk food
Avoid junk and processed foods. These foods contain almost low nutritious and zero fiber which leads to some disease and hard stool. Hard stool will make constipation.

#10 Water
Last but least! Give your kid enough water to drink. Avoid soft drinks. Water makes stool moisture, which allows pass easy.

Taking extra care about your kids' food and drink together with exercise will gives soft and regular pooping. When your kid consuming enough fiber and water they most likely not get constipated. I personally experienced that some kids need more fibers and water than other kids to prevent constipation. Normally parents should understand their kids' fiber and water requirements to supply more gut friendly meals to them.