December 29, 2015

10 Best Herbs for Toddlers

To toddlers it's not easy to feed herbs, but adding to their meal. Here are my easy ideas to feed these top 10 herbs without even your toddlers smell it. Herbs are important for immunity growth and natural detoxify and remedies to some desires. But consider your predictions advice and allergic affect before introduced any herbs to your kids. Some herbs may interact with some foods. Please consider your ingredient before adding any herbs to meal.

Coriander leaves and seeds were used from ancient times for its strong antibacterial, medical and nutritional values. It is a clenching food. Also  coriander is an immune system booster.
Powered seeds can be add to your toddler's meat dish. This will increase flavor of meat. In Indian culture coriander seeds are must added ingredient to their meat. Few chopped coriander leaves can be add to rice, pasta or salads. Only give this after cooked.

Garlic is well known for its antibacterial properties for ear infections. Not only ear infection regular usage will keep us away from most infections and inflammation.
Normally garlic is smelly herb. Some people avoid it because of its smell. To toddlers it is very easy if adding one peel and  chopped garlic clove to their meal. Remember never give more than one garlic clove or raw garlic to your toddler.

Curry leaves
Very common ingredient in Indian recipes. This leaves contain antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
Add few chopped leaves to any spicy dish and you will find how easy to feed Curry leaves to toddler.

Fantastic root vegetable ever find is ginger. This herb is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It will give relief from stomach pain and cold symptoms.
Simply add very small chopped ginger to your toddler's meal. Never give raw ginger to your kids. Ginger can be add to cookies too.

Pepper black or white will improve digestion and good for respiratory tract.
Pepper used for cooking as well. Use this as a seasoning spice in toddler meal. One or two pepper is enough for a day.

Yellow root vegetable. Best for antibacterial duties. Turmeric is an immune system booster. Also lever and brain friendly. Add very small pinch of turmeric powder to you toddlers spicy meal or gravy meal. Never give raw or more then pinch to your kids.

I believe that mint is the easiest herb to feed toddlers. Mint is rich in antioxidant and minerals vitamins and well know cold reliever.
Adding few chopped leaves to sweet dishes will works fine.

 Commonly used for sweet recipes. Best is Ceylon version Cinnamon. Contains Antioxidants as well.
Adding to any suitable sweet dish makes easy to give toddler.

Fenugreek has high nutritional value. As like any herb this also contains antioxidants. Add very few to your toddler's spicy meal.

Amla fruit/Indian gooseberry 

This can be eaten raw. Amla is rich in vitamin C which is vital to build immunity. Give sliced one or two seed  removed Amla to toddlers. A sour test will come fist few bites. Drink water after eating it will be sweet.

I use only fresh herbs for my family. It is good to avoid capsules for children. Seek your Doctor advice before all of this.

December 19, 2015

Best Phonic Book

Reading is the key to success. Learning subjects are begin with reading. First of all learning to read and teaching to read is very important for toddlers and parents. In toddler age flash cards can be useful, but preschoolers need more advanced tools to learn to read. Teaching by phonetic methods will give strong and clever readers. Before introducing letters try to teach the sounds of the letters. Making kids familiar with the sounds of letters boost their learning to read and understandable. 

I found useful stuff in Usborne phonics stories to introduce sounds to kids. I recommend this book to any parent to use to teach reading to kids.

The book comes with guide to teach and some activities done by kids.

Wonderful illustrations will help your kid to understand the sounds of letters with fun. This book can be buy online in leading free shipping book seller Book Depository .

This book contains six Phonic stories. Each one of them rich with rhyme and story. This is a fantastic book to use as bedtime story books or story time for preschoolers.

Touching Base Book

When read to kids, I feel that reading with activities are great to understand and fun. For early toddlers touching or popping or something like that on the books, are very interesting. I really love to introduce a new type of experience with books to kids. For that I select Usborne That's not my lion.

It is like a mouse searching for his lion with some of the characteristics. Each page that mouse appears well as characteristic with texture to touch and feel. Finally ends up with That's my lion and mouse cheer up.

Babies really like to touch these textures and enjoy them.

End of the book mouse found the lion.

This a book every parent need to buy for their kids. Great investment for growing smart readers. Attachment with book is the first thing a child should get. Usborne "That's not my " series a good tool for it. In Book Depository any one can buy it for free shipping.

December 9, 2015

Little Library that I'm Making

Building a small library for my kid is exciting thing. Here I share my collection with you about some books on my library.

Ladybird Read it yourself one of fantastic choice to add to little library. Lots of stories in simple way to kids who starting their reading.
Specially these books have four levels. I brought few on each level because then I can use it as kid's progress. Wonderful illustrations also an advantage. Hardcover books so I hope to use it after toddler age.

A board book of the preschool day to day using material for preschoolers. Clear and easy to understand format for kids. I love this  book so I add it to my kids library.

These are small board books. I like these types of board books because it covers lots of things we see in every day. Kids quickly understand and likes to repeat them. I included birds, transportation, opposites, fruits, vegetables, food and lots of categories for them. These are cheap then big books. Easy to handle for kids.

A small story books with attractive extra part also fantastic for kids. This book is already being using so some damage can be seen. But a fine board book with moving eyes and beautiful illustrations gave me a high star to this book.

Bedtime story!!! Really, it won't use this for bedtime. I use it all and day. Also small shaped fun stories seem work lot.

December 7, 2015

Games for Toddlers

Playing games is best technique to develop personality of children. Most toddlers think everything is a game. So I tried some methods.

Play dough is my favorite. I made play dough my self then buying commercial one. Because it contains chemicals. For toddlers "mama made play dough is the good. Preschoolers is okay with commercial play tools.

Very simple recipe used for my play dough. Some flour, for equal to half of flour some salt, water as needed. Mix that until reach smooth play dough constancy. After that make it few parts and mix different colors to each of them.Your play dough is ready.

Another one is cloth book which I brought. I used those pictures while sing some animal related rhymes. It was great to hear and see on same time. Nesting cups are excellent toy for toddlers. I used those to make understand size difference and color difference.

Measuring spoons are other great idea to use as same as Nesting cups.

Using colorful balls are too fine to use for same purpose also adding a activities to toddlers. 

Using old phone with a flash light  and some silicone toys I made a attractive fun activities to kids. Flowing video will show how to do it. I'm sure your kids too love it.

These blocks are made by plastic. Plastic too created nice light.

Guide Video

Geometric shapes and pretending play

3D Geometric shapes are good for kid's visual and mathematical improvement. These shapes are available in wood, plastic and foam. You can choose as your kid's age appropriate material. Playing with these types of toys will help toddlers to understand difference between shapes and type.

Toddler's ever favorite game is pretending as adults or animals and things. Luckily we can use this interest to learning via playing.

December 4, 2015

My Top 25 Nursery Rhymes

I sure rhymes are favorite of any kid. That why it works best in anytime for done something. Rhymes, I use in my house for going on day to day works. Toddlers enjoy nursery rhymes so much. Also easiest way to increase their growing vocabulary and listening skill.

Kids like to sing and dance. When I sing my kid sang with me. Giving them a rhyme book will make connection with song, that they already know, with illustrated book. This makes easy to understand the picture of the book and imagination of what can be the song is.

Lots of rhymes available for our kids. But I recommend my top 25 Nursery Rhymes to try your kids. Nursery rhymes are the foundation of language development.

01. Hey diddle diddle
02. Baa baas black sheep
03. Jack and Jill
04. Humpty Dumpty
05. Itchy bitchy spider
06. This little piggy 
07. Little miss Muffet
08. I'm a little teapot
09. Farmer in the dell
10. Rain rain go away 
11. Head shoulder 
12. Daddy finger 
13. Five little monkeys 
14. Johnny Johnny yes papa
15. Old MacDonald had a farm
16. Wheels on the bus
17. Hickory Dockory dock
18. Goosey Goosey Gander
19. Hush little baby
20. Marry had a little  lamp 
21. London Bridge is falling down 
22. Pat a cake
23. Row row row your boat
24. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
25. Where is Thumbkin?

These 25 Nursery Rhymes contain higher rhyme, rich vocabulary and a good message for kids. You can do different hand works for fun according to the song's message.

My Top 5 Toddler Books

Books are the greatest way to build a growing child's language and reading skills. Both are basic steps to learn and to the personally development .With my 15 month old daughter I found that story books and picture books are more interesting ways to make a toddler familiar to books.
But the board books are the first choice for early toddlers. Because kids will put books in to their mouth and etc. So the quality of books are my first concern.

To increase my daughter's interest in books I found some fantastic story books. They are;

Those nice story books with marvelous illustrations made story time as fun time. It's true that she could not understand the story yet, but sure her mind is loaded with new words and ideas about the story each time I read it to her. Really, it happens to replace an old book with a new book because she makes some of her adventures in those books. That's the way they learn to love books.

The great problem I faced in buying book is high prices in local bookstores. So I try some online bookstores. Luckily found some great sites for purchasing books. Most of my purchasing on Book Depository. It has wide range of books to choose and free shipping to most countries. My family members,relatives and friends also now on it.

Also, it's happy to share these experiences with you.