December 29, 2015

10 Best Herbs for Toddlers

To toddlers it's not easy to feed herbs, but adding to their meal. Here are my easy ideas to feed these top 10 herbs without even your toddlers smell it. Herbs are important for immunity growth and natural detoxify and remedies to some desires. But consider your predictions advice and allergic affect before introduced any herbs to your kids. Some herbs may interact with some foods. Please consider your ingredient before adding any herbs to meal.

Coriander leaves and seeds were used from ancient times for its strong antibacterial, medical and nutritional values. It is a clenching food. Also  coriander is an immune system booster.
Powered seeds can be add to your toddler's meat dish. This will increase flavor of meat. In Indian culture coriander seeds are must added ingredient to their meat. Few chopped coriander leaves can be add to rice, pasta or salads. Only give this after cooked.

Garlic is well known for its antibacterial properties for ear infections. Not only ear infection regular usage will keep us away from most infections and inflammation.
Normally garlic is smelly herb. Some people avoid it because of its smell. To toddlers it is very easy if adding one peel and  chopped garlic clove to their meal. Remember never give more than one garlic clove or raw garlic to your toddler.

Curry leaves
Very common ingredient in Indian recipes. This leaves contain antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.
Add few chopped leaves to any spicy dish and you will find how easy to feed Curry leaves to toddler.

Fantastic root vegetable ever find is ginger. This herb is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It will give relief from stomach pain and cold symptoms.
Simply add very small chopped ginger to your toddler's meal. Never give raw ginger to your kids. Ginger can be add to cookies too.

Pepper black or white will improve digestion and good for respiratory tract.
Pepper used for cooking as well. Use this as a seasoning spice in toddler meal. One or two pepper is enough for a day.

Yellow root vegetable. Best for antibacterial duties. Turmeric is an immune system booster. Also lever and brain friendly. Add very small pinch of turmeric powder to you toddlers spicy meal or gravy meal. Never give raw or more then pinch to your kids.

I believe that mint is the easiest herb to feed toddlers. Mint is rich in antioxidant and minerals vitamins and well know cold reliever.
Adding few chopped leaves to sweet dishes will works fine.

 Commonly used for sweet recipes. Best is Ceylon version Cinnamon. Contains Antioxidants as well.
Adding to any suitable sweet dish makes easy to give toddler.

Fenugreek has high nutritional value. As like any herb this also contains antioxidants. Add very few to your toddler's spicy meal.

Amla fruit/Indian gooseberry 

This can be eaten raw. Amla is rich in vitamin C which is vital to build immunity. Give sliced one or two seed  removed Amla to toddlers. A sour test will come fist few bites. Drink water after eating it will be sweet.

I use only fresh herbs for my family. It is good to avoid capsules for children. Seek your Doctor advice before all of this.

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