December 19, 2015

Best Phonic Book

Reading is the key to success. Learning subjects are begin with reading. First of all learning to read and teaching to read is very important for toddlers and parents. In toddler age flash cards can be useful, but preschoolers need more advanced tools to learn to read. Teaching by phonetic methods will give strong and clever readers. Before introducing letters try to teach the sounds of the letters. Making kids familiar with the sounds of letters boost their learning to read and understandable. 

I found useful stuff in Usborne phonics stories to introduce sounds to kids. I recommend this book to any parent to use to teach reading to kids.

The book comes with guide to teach and some activities done by kids.

Wonderful illustrations will help your kid to understand the sounds of letters with fun. This book can be buy online in leading free shipping book seller Book Depository .

This book contains six Phonic stories. Each one of them rich with rhyme and story. This is a fantastic book to use as bedtime story books or story time for preschoolers.

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