December 9, 2015

Little Library that I'm Making

Building a small library for my kid is exciting thing. Here I share my collection with you about some books on my library.

Ladybird Read it yourself one of fantastic choice to add to little library. Lots of stories in simple way to kids who starting their reading.
Specially these books have four levels. I brought few on each level because then I can use it as kid's progress. Wonderful illustrations also an advantage. Hardcover books so I hope to use it after toddler age.

A board book of the preschool day to day using material for preschoolers. Clear and easy to understand format for kids. I love this  book so I add it to my kids library.

These are small board books. I like these types of board books because it covers lots of things we see in every day. Kids quickly understand and likes to repeat them. I included birds, transportation, opposites, fruits, vegetables, food and lots of categories for them. These are cheap then big books. Easy to handle for kids.

A small story books with attractive extra part also fantastic for kids. This book is already being using so some damage can be seen. But a fine board book with moving eyes and beautiful illustrations gave me a high star to this book.

Bedtime story!!! Really, it won't use this for bedtime. I use it all and day. Also small shaped fun stories seem work lot.

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