December 4, 2015

My Top 5 Toddler Books

Books are the greatest way to build a growing child's language and reading skills. Both are basic steps to learn and to the personally development .With my 15 month old daughter I found that story books and picture books are more interesting ways to make a toddler familiar to books.
But the board books are the first choice for early toddlers. Because kids will put books in to their mouth and etc. So the quality of books are my first concern.

To increase my daughter's interest in books I found some fantastic story books. They are;

Those nice story books with marvelous illustrations made story time as fun time. It's true that she could not understand the story yet, but sure her mind is loaded with new words and ideas about the story each time I read it to her. Really, it happens to replace an old book with a new book because she makes some of her adventures in those books. That's the way they learn to love books.

The great problem I faced in buying book is high prices in local bookstores. So I try some online bookstores. Luckily found some great sites for purchasing books. Most of my purchasing on Book Depository. It has wide range of books to choose and free shipping to most countries. My family members,relatives and friends also now on it.

Also, it's happy to share these experiences with you.

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