January 9, 2016

Easiest Nutritional Recipe for Toddlers

Capsicum with egg 

Capsicum well known vegetable for its rich nutrition. This is a fruit contain no any hot flavor. More than that it has little sweetness. This fruit can be in green, orange, red, and yellow colors as its mature levels. Also  rich in vitamin  C , A, fiber and minerals makes capsicum as one of best detoxify vegetable. 

I choose egg with this marvelous capsicum because it contains lots of vitpamin C. Egg is iron rich food. Mixing these two will give a high iron supplemented meal for  toddlers. Otherwise egg contains all nutrition it self. Toddlers need lots of nutrients for brain development. My first choose is this recipe as first because it can be used to picky eaters too. Most important! consider allergic before give this to your baby or toddler.

Let's move to recipe.

Things you need,
One medium sized capsicum
One large egg (chicken)
One Small potato

Cut capsicum to rings and remove seeds. Peel potato and cut in to small slices. Boil these two together until fully cooked. After that peel the skin of capsicum and mashed potato and capsicum together. Add a hard boiled and mashed egg to this mix and add salt as you need.
Iron rich meal ready for your kids.

Soupy rice
This is very easy and can prepare maximum value of nutrients. 

You will need
1/4 cup of rice 
One chopped baby carrot 
One Small chopped potato
Three leaves of Curry leaves 
One clove of chopped garlic 
Few fenugreek 
Optionally, if want coconut milk 1/2 cup


Cook rice together with chopped garlic, potato and carrot and salt, fenugreek, little more water than usual. When rice and vegetables are cooked well check out how rice seems. Rice should be easily mashed the it normally does. Mash or blend the mixture and if needed add little extra water or coconut milk to get soupy constancy. If you add coconut milk, cook the mixture 5 minutes again.
Salt as needed. 

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