December 7, 2015

Games for Toddlers

Playing games is best technique to develop personality of children. Most toddlers think everything is a game. So I tried some methods.

Play dough is my favorite. I made play dough my self then buying commercial one. Because it contains chemicals. For toddlers "mama made play dough is the good. Preschoolers is okay with commercial play tools.

Very simple recipe used for my play dough. Some flour, for equal to half of flour some salt, water as needed. Mix that until reach smooth play dough constancy. After that make it few parts and mix different colors to each of them.Your play dough is ready.

Another one is cloth book which I brought. I used those pictures while sing some animal related rhymes. It was great to hear and see on same time. Nesting cups are excellent toy for toddlers. I used those to make understand size difference and color difference.

Measuring spoons are other great idea to use as same as Nesting cups.

Using colorful balls are too fine to use for same purpose also adding a activities to toddlers. 

Using old phone with a flash light  and some silicone toys I made a attractive fun activities to kids. Flowing video will show how to do it. I'm sure your kids too love it.

These blocks are made by plastic. Plastic too created nice light.

Guide Video

Geometric shapes and pretending play

3D Geometric shapes are good for kid's visual and mathematical improvement. These shapes are available in wood, plastic and foam. You can choose as your kid's age appropriate material. Playing with these types of toys will help toddlers to understand difference between shapes and type.

Toddler's ever favorite game is pretending as adults or animals and things. Luckily we can use this interest to learning via playing.

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