December 19, 2015

Touching Base Book

When read to kids, I feel that reading with activities are great to understand and fun. For early toddlers touching or popping or something like that on the books, are very interesting. I really love to introduce a new type of experience with books to kids. For that I select Usborne That's not my lion.

It is like a mouse searching for his lion with some of the characteristics. Each page that mouse appears well as characteristic with texture to touch and feel. Finally ends up with That's my lion and mouse cheer up.

Babies really like to touch these textures and enjoy them.

End of the book mouse found the lion.

This a book every parent need to buy for their kids. Great investment for growing smart readers. Attachment with book is the first thing a child should get. Usborne "That's not my " series a good tool for it. In Book Depository any one can buy it for free shipping.

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