January 6, 2016

10 Best Food to Prevent Constipation in Toddlers

Parents get upset when their kids strain to pass stool or avoiding toilet. like adults babies too get constipation. When they grow up to toddler age more chances to get constipated. Parents trying various methods to get relief but in some cases pediatric advice needed. Best idea ever preventing constipation.

Here is top ideas to avoid constipation. Also those are cleaning our gut system and high  in natural nutritional. Consider any allergic reactions before give them to your toddler.

#1 Sweet potatoes
Boiled sweet potatoes are very good for constipated kids also avoid constipation. High fiber content will keep stools soft and easy to pass constancy.

#2 Capsicum
With fiber rich capsicum including very easy prepared dishes will keep your kids poo very smooth.

#3 Green beans
Fantastic vegetable for vegetarian proteins. Green beans never let stool to be hard. Add this valuable vegetable to your kids meal so he never get constipated.

#4 Banana
Ripened banana is very famous for relief to constipation. Consuming bananas regular will protect your kids from constipation. But remember some babies get constipated from banana as well.

#5 Papaya
Iron rich fruit from tropical gardens. Eating regular basis a good way to keep away Constipation.

#6 Dates
Dessert fruit which contains all nutrition itself and gives relief from constipation and help to avoid Constipation.

#7 Avocado
It's paste like constancy help to pass stool very soft. Together good source of vitamin E.

#8 Leafy vegetables
All kinds of leafy vegetables protect our kids from constipation.

#9 Avoid junk food
Avoid junk and processed foods. These foods contain almost low nutritious and zero fiber which leads to some disease and hard stool. Hard stool will make constipation.

#10 Water
Last but least! Give your kid enough water to drink. Avoid soft drinks. Water makes stool moisture, which allows pass easy.

Taking extra care about your kids' food and drink together with exercise will gives soft and regular pooping. When your kid consuming enough fiber and water they most likely not get constipated. I personally experienced that some kids need more fibers and water than other kids to prevent constipation. Normally parents should understand their kids' fiber and water requirements to supply more gut friendly meals to them.

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