January 12, 2016

Do You Want Smarter Kid?

Parents do their best to make children clever and good persons. Fortunately, most get success in our kids' achieving. But few parents won't reach their goal. Misbehavior and inability to learn made their child to never get to the goal. But according to my understanding children can be much more capable to reach their own goal if parent help and guide them. Let see how can we help them to reach the goal. 

Helping starts from before mother get conception. In per-pregnancy parents must maintain good physical and mental  health. Avoiding alcohol, maintaining a normal BMI and taking folic acids are examples. After conception consuming a balanced diet with organic nutrition is a must for healthy development of a baby. In pregnancy a baby's 64% brain gets developed. This can be strong only, we give good nutritional support. Caffeine also harmful to baby's cells. If you keep extra care and active lifestyle in pregnancy your baby will get 64% brain development.

After birth first year of baby's life is more important than any other years. Brain development is much quicker than other parts of the body. Most parents never give attention to this stage development. Nutrition is mainly concerned together with love and  care of mother and father. Reading  books to baby will develop language, affection and hearing skills.

Playing is the work which children do in their childhood. Guiding kids for advanced games is an best method to increase new connections in their developing brain. Playing gives experience to young kids which creates new brain connection. Brain connection mean knowledge. This is what learning kid have lots. Wonderful is paying is kids favorite then anything so better use it to teach them.

Limiting digital media time is needed thing in every family now. This won't let your child to play or study. Do not control or stop completely of time spending with digital media. Just limit! Control and band will increase flavor of doing it more than ever. Also on digital media suggest good and educational programs to your kid.

Last but least increase your kids self-esteem then he can learn then he thinks. This will be the key to success in any kid's progress.

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