January 18, 2016

Dry Skin in Children

Parents get upset when kids got some skin changes as they think it is rash. But not all skin change is a rash. If you suspect it is a rash then get some pediatric advice. In most cases those changes are just a dryness in baby skin. Because babies are more prone to get skin dry. In this condition just needs a extra care of their skin products and hydration.

Some baby products tend to increase skin dryness. Soap also gives some dryness. Baby's skin is very soft and still mutating so it can loose water through skin. When choosing baby skin products consider mildness and pH levels of them. Specially bathing stuff like shampoo and soap. Bubble bath also a key to skin dryness in kids.

Another reason for dry skin is less water intake of babies and toddlers. If they drink enough water skin will well hydrated and will protect becomes dry. Most parents face difficulty in feeding water to kids. Preparing pure natural fruit juices is a good option. 

Soft baby skin can't hold much sun. So avoid sunbathing for babies and toddlers. Excessive exposure to sun will dry up skin and will get sun burning too.If your kid has dry skin apply some baby moisture lotion or cream. It will prevent some dryness. Together in next pediatric visit get an advice regarding babies dry skin.

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