January 9, 2016


Parents experiencing baby's teething around 6 to 9 month of age. 1st tooth is really happiest thing to any parent. But sometimes babies suffer pain, diarrhea and fever. These things makes us to feel worry. If your child suffering from any of these symptoms consultant pediatrician.  

If your child only with fussing or cranky then he or she may feel pain due to teeth cutting. Teeth cutting mostly occur in night. This leads to sleep less nights to child and family. Fortunately we can offer a well recommend pain relief to child. Also there are many remedies also available for pain. Clean cool cloth or teetger to bite is a simple method. 

For my baby i used a Teether and it really help to relieve pain. Also it was a great toy to my child. I recommend teether but consultant your pediatrician before using them.

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